Wednesday August 15th, 2018


That's a wrap!
We had 20 participants and we managed to get both rounds in this year without getting too soaked by rain.

It was great having several lovely ladies joining in for golf and dinner only and Pinestone provided a very nice buffet dinner for our last day of Championship.

Personal thank you to Bev Murdison and Marilou Mizzan for your help to me again this year.

Congratulations to our winners:

D Flight Gross Winner     Cheryl Howe            Net Winner        Cheryl Howe
C Flight Gross Winner     Diane Whitmarsh     Net Winner        Diane Whitmarsh
B Flight Gross Winner     Lois Maxwell            Net Winner        Linda Boshan
A Flight Gross Winner     Bev Murdison           Net Winner         Bev Murdison

Overall Champion for 2018 Bev Murdison, 2 years in a row!

Leigh Golding



L TO R: Diane Whitmarch, Lois Maxwell, Bev Murdison, Cheryl Howe

  Thursday August 2nd, 2018

Dear HHWGL Ladies - we have just now learned that Carina Jones, who was poised to become President of the League for 2019 will be unable to take over.  Also, Jackie Wanninkhof, who has been so ably running our Best Ball Bash for the past 3 years is also unable to continue.  This means we need new people to step up and contribute. The Best Ball Bash is a wonderful event that allows the entire league to play and eat together and to celebrate the season.  We have had many other members perform this role over the years and we now need one or more members to take over.  Jackie and others will certainly be available to offer support and advice.

I have been serving on the Executive for 10 years, 7 as President.  It really is time for someone else to assume the role.  It is not onerous and all it needs is someone who has some minimal computer skills and some organizational skills. I know that there are many among you who have those talents in spades.  I can attest that it has nothing to do with the calibre of your golf!  I am more than prepared to stay on the Executive as Past President to offer support and guidance and I feel confident that I have set things up to give someone a step-by-step guide to the responsibilities.  I urge you all to consider how much you value the League and then to reflect upon how you can do your part to keep it viable.

Please contact me to let me know you are ready to volunteer!

Bonnie Foster


  Wednesday July 4th, 2018
    The Drivers Pinestone Open held July 4 was sweltering but great fun had by all!
    Winners:   Netty Alexander,Sandi Glecoff, Lynn Bartlett, Maureen Federchuk
    Second place:   Lisa Kerr, Bonnie Maxwell, Marjolaine Boutet, Sandra Slauenwhite-Box
    Most Honest:   Cheryl Howe, Heather Taylor, Marilou Mizzan
  Wednesday June 27th, 2018
    These brave souls weathered the rain on June 27 at Blairhampton.  No Fair-Weather golfers these!

Robin Hadcock, Lynn Bartlett, Lois Maxwell, Deb Millard, Dianne Whitmarsh, Bonnie Maxwell and Cheryl Howe.  

Missing from picture Sandi Glecoff and Clara Vucksic.



As I write this in a lovely white Haliburton winter (as opposed to a grey slushy city) I imagine we’re all looking forward to another golf season in Haliburton! We start out with our usual Icebreaker Tee on May 4, 2018 at the Haliburton Curling Club at 7:00 p.m. Please join us and bring your buddies to also sign up.


The annual Registration Form is now up on the web site on the Membership page and ready for you to process. We really encourage you to use the online registration form and to send your fee by etransfer but you will note that if you are going to print a form and send a cheque we’re asking that you send the hard copy form and the cheque to two different places. This will help your Membership Chair and Treasurer a lot.


After the rousing success of the Best Ball Bash (BBB) and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September last year we are repeating that timing and format. On September 25, 2018 golf will be at Blairhampton and the delicious dinner will again be held at The Peppermill. Your organizers have managed to hold the price at $60.00 for 2018. We do hope that even ‘summer’ residents/members will join us for this fun event and to support your league by attending the AGM. As with the Membership form, the BBB registration form is also now available on the ‘Events’ page of the web site and will be processed similar to the general Registration form.


Instructions for electronic registrations and payments are at the end of this letter as well as on the Registration and Events pages.


The 9-Hole Leagues begin on May 8 and the 18-Hole League begins on May 9 at Pinestone. The 18-Hole (Drivers) two championship days will be on August 8 at Blairhampton and August 15 at Pinestone.


Some of you may be interested in participating in the Ontario Senior Games and you’ll find a link to their web site on our Links page or go to We’re District 11 in the Central Region.


Good Golfing!

Bonnie Foster, President


  Instructions for Completing Membership Form


1.  Go to and click on Membership

2. The form will open and you can fill it in. The dollar amount doesn’t automatically calculate so, if required, you need to manually put in the total. You can choose to pay by cheque or eTransfer - it’s just a tick box and does NOT automatically take you anywhere to do the transfer. Please be sure to tick the relevant box so we know how you are paying.

3a. When you get to the bottom you have a choice to send it in electronically or print it. To send electronically there will be a box to fill in a code.  You’ve all seen this type of code box on other forms such as ticket purchases.  All that does is prevent automatic dialers from inundating us.  

3b. Fill in the code and click the ‘submit’ button.   If, by chance, you don’t get a “Thank-you your form has been submitted” it will return you to the top of your filled in form again.  Scroll to the bottom and there will be a new code.  Fill that one in and click submit again.  Note: If you want to keep a copy print it before you click submit.

4. If you wish you can print and mail the form to Lynne Brady and the cheque to Shirlee Weeks or bring both to the Icebreaker Tee. Addresses are on the Registration page.


  Instructions for Interac eTransfer


If you do online banking you can do an Interac transfer.

Sign in to your online banking.

Go to ‘Transfers’ or ‘Transfer money’ or similar

Choose Interac transfer and follow the steps sending the transfer to

Shirlee Weeks at

Make the answer to your security question – Haliburton.

When the transfer has been processed by Shirlee you will receive a notification.